BLUE Easy Charter (Frequency Finder, Celeration Finder, Chart Stat tool)


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The Ultimate Charting Tool

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After six years (four years of consistent testing) and more than 53 revisions, we are proud to announce our new “Easy Charter.” Informed by the wisdom and advice of Og Lindsley, Steve Graf, Malcolm Neely, Clay Starlin, Abigail Calkin, and others, the inaccuracies of the very early celeration finders and rate finders have been rectified in a new, powerful tool for beginners and an even more powerful chart stat tool for veterans.


  • NEW! Thick, .030″ matte-clear acrylic (slightly opaque, thicker than a credit card).
  • The standard “slide rule” chart edge from .1 to 10000 used for plotting frequencies.
  • Traditional red celeration lines, although fewer than the previous CFM-4 so that the viewing surface is less dense.
  • The 4 week-from-the-edge metric up the center for finding celerations
    (like Ray Beck’s or the green EEU finder)
  • NEW! An all new EIGHT week (edge to edge) celeration metric for very, very precise celeration line measurement (e.g., the difference between 1.05 and 1.1 is evident, and the difference between x3 and x3.1 is evident; it is very accurate).
  • NEW! A timing floor finder that is calibrated so that people can plot almost any length of time, be it 26′ or 1’24” or 45″ or 7’24” or 114′ without worrying about the slide-rule method to plot timing lengths.
  • NEW! A measure of weeks and days (the finder is exactly eight weeks wide)
  • NEW! A percentage calculator.
  • NEW! Standard three-ring hole punchouts — if you put it in one way it peeks above the charts (to serve as a bookmark of sorts), and if you flip it over it nests inside the charts.
  • NEW!A “focus finder” or “line of best fit finder” to help sight celerations and trends.Much, much more!

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