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Ogden R. Lindsley, Ph.D., opened Behavior Research Company (BRCo) in October 1959 in Belmont, Massachusetts. He managed the company until his death in October 2004. Today, BRCo is administered by the Ogden Lindsley Trust.

BRCo originally marketed equipment, mainly the Lindsley Manipulandum, which Dr. Lindsley designed for Behavior Research Laboratory, Metropolitan State Hospital. In 1953, Lindsley and his mentor B.F. Skinner established the operant laboratory, under the auspices of Harvard Medical School, to study human subjects.

In 1965, Lindsley moved BRCo to Kansas City, Kansas, when he became a professor at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He and his students quickly developed the Standard Behavior Chart, based on cumulative recording of behavior in operant labs. Later the chart evolved into the family of Standard Celeration Charts. BRCo’s product line became the standard charts and associated counters and timers used to monitor human behavior. Precision Teaching is the best known of the applications.

Short Courses, developed to teach standard charting, and The Behavior Bank, a computer based system of collecting, analyzing, and distributing behavior change projects, were important activities of BRCo in the late 1960s and early 1970s.



Behavior Research Company was the first to produce Standard Celeration Charts in 1967.


We guarantee that every chart we sell adheres to Ogden Lindsley’s chart standards.


All BRCo Standard Celeration Charts can be returned in unbroken reams. Forever. If anything about our Standard Celeration Charts or chart tools doesn’t meet your standards, let us know, and we’ll fix it!

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